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Website Resources for Families

We Do Listen Foundation
This is a wonderful website with several EXCELLENT and FREE online books for kids featuring Howard B. Wigglebottom. Howard helps kids learn some very useful social skills in a fun and interactive way. Check it out.

Social and Emotional Foundations of Early Learning
This website has a tremendous amount of resources for families to use on a variety of social and emotional topics. All materials are ready to use and good for all of our students.

Parents helping parents (support for families with children with special needs)

PTA website and links for parents

Free Social Stories

Behavior Help and Support

PBS kids learneing

Children's Health Topics

School Counseling Website

Reading support

Bullying-S Team Heroes
Learn facts and practice dealing with bullying situations. Become an S-Team Hero!

Community Resources and Financial Support for Families

2-1-1 Information and Referral
This is an easy way to find the community resources you are looking for. YOu can type in your need and 2-1-1 will give you the contact information you need to get help. For example, if you are having trouble paying your utility bill 2-1-1 will give you

Child Care Connection
Assists parents in securing child care resources at no cost to you.

Early Childhood Resource Center
Early Childhood Resource Center provides many services to local families. This link will send you directly to the parent workshop link. They are always offering workshops free to parents to help in the difficult job of raising children.

Emergency Food Line
The Emergency Food Line provides referrals to area food pantries for individuals and families in need of a 3-day emergency supply of food or baby formula and diapers. Callers may receive emergency food assistance up to 6 times per year (no more than 1 ref

Eye Care-The Beacon Journal Charity Fund
If your child is in need of an eye exam and glasses The Beacon Journal Charity Fund can help. Please contact them at 330-253-7700. You will need a referral for services, so please contact your school counselor. Greenwood Families can contact Erica Baue

Family Support Specialist
Do you need Rent, Utilities, Food, Clothing, or other needs? Contact Annie Washington for help, she is a family support specialist with the Early Childhood Resource Center. 330-491-3272 x5693

FLU Shot Info
Summit County Health Department has many resources to help families. Take advantage of there Flu Shot Clinics!

Home Again
Provided housing assistance to families in need. For more information call 330.615.0566. Office hours are 9:00am to noon, Monday through Thursday.

Low Cost or Free Dental Services
Summit County Health Department offers dental services for children and adults. Check out all they can do!

Pay for an emergency supply of medications that treat critically life-threatening illnesses or for antibiotics. MedAssist can help with up to $50 in a calendar year. Help clients to apply for free or low-cost medications for any drug available through

Providing Hope for Recovery for families impacted by mental illness through free support, education, and advocacy 330-455-6264

Project Learn
This link provides information for adults looking to get free education opportunities to help further their career.

Counseling Referral List
Counseling Referral List The following is a list of outside counseling agencies that you may wish to contact for additional support. Most facilities provide individual and group counseling for children, adolescents and adults, as well as family and couples therapy.

Great Books on Social/Emotional Topics
This link has wonderful age appropriate books on topics such as; Being a friend,differences,feelings, sadness,anger,anxiety,problem solving, family issues,etc. Check it out!

Problem Solving Cue Cards
These are cue cards that your child can use to help prompt him or her to find independent solutions to their problems with friends.

Problem Solving Chart
This is a free printable problem solving chart to help children think through their choices.